About Us




Apart from the usual 9ct and 18ct white and yellow gold we also offer our clients the opportunity to own unique pieces in alloys such as 14ct Red Gold; 18ct Green Gold; 22ct yellow; 9ct Black Gold

Due to our knowledge of geology and extensive experience of diamonds we offer our clients above average insight into diamond characteristics and the diamond market. Through this we ensure that all dealings are transparent with the client having the most information possible before purchase.

We go to great lengths to trace and ensure that the origins of our diamonds are South African. Only a handful of carefully selected and highly respected merchants are used as our sources, ensuring natural diamonds that are of fare trade and conflict free origin. All of these associates have been trading with us for over 15 years.

True poetry can’t be written on a computer and so all of our jewels are designed and crafted entirely by hand. From the first pencil outline to the final polish of the product, the gems we create never leaves the human hand.

The essence of uniqueness is being your own and at the House of Auri we recognise the individual appeal of gemstones other than diamonds. With the same dedication, openness and fairness we also offer exquisite natural gemstones from all the corners of the earth.